This is a cover I did for the script of the upcoming film comedy “They Might Be Kennedys”. The writer thought that if he had a cartoon cover illustration, the script might attract more attention as he shopped it around to various producers and studios. While it was being passed through the Hollywood production mill, before a frame of footage was filmed, the script itself won 17 top awards at various film festivals. It is now slated to begin production in the summer of 2014 for a 2015 release.

They Might Be Kennedys

The picture is a take off on the album cover of “They Might Be Giants” by the group of the same name.

They Might Be Giants Cover

Here is a review of both the script and my work on its cover (which displays an earlier version of the cover art):

IMBd page for the upcoming production:


For the comedy short film “Knocked Down” ( I was asked to draw a lobby poster for the premiere.



Below is a logo I did for 6A Films. There were different versions.

6A Logo BW

First black and white was considered. Then the producer said “Let there be color!”

6A small screen 2

“That’s a wrap!” I was told. Then we found out the dimensions of the logo wouldn’t fit The Big Screen.

Take Three, CinemaScope:

6A widescreen large(click to see it in all its widescreen goodness!)

Since the first film that the logo would appear in would be a mystery thriller it was thought to animate it—in a mysterious thrilling way:

Here it is in the trailer for the film “A Dose of Reality”


6A Cup

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