Community Projects

Dog Park

In May 2012 the Village of Valley Stream opened dog park for its residence and asked local artists to contribute murals that would be displayed in the park. I took them up on their offer.




Forest Road School PTA car magnet

imageT Shirt


Boy Scouts

This project was for a Boy Scout Camporee that included a game course. The theme was “Cartoons,” so I was asked to make a sign with each station in the course, its game, and a cartoon character to go with it.

Sharpie markers and acrylic paint on 20″ X 30″ foam board.


2 Garfield

3 Peanuts

4 Olive Oyle

5 Fineas and Ferb

6 Road runner

7 Flinstones

8 Jimmy Nuetron copy

9 Mickey

10 Family Circus

11 Calvin and Hobbes

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